Black Pa66 Gf15 Material

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black pa66 gf15

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black pa66 gf15 

Automobile: cooling fan, door handle, fuel tank cap, intake grille, water tank cover, lamp holder

Industrial parts: seats, bicycle frames, skate bases, textile shuttles, pedals, slides

Conductive black pa66 gf15 conductive nylon 12 have many advantages over metal and painting: the parts are lighter in weight, easier to handle, and have lower transportation costs. They are easy to assemble, have low manufacturing costs, and are less susceptible to dents, cuts, and scratches. For identification or aesthetic purposes, some-materials can be dyed in advance, avoiding free and expensive two-time coloring process. black pa66 gf15 is widely used in machinery, instrumentation, auto parts, electronic and electrical, railway, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure goods, oil pipes, fuel tanks, and some precision engineering products.

Conductive carbon fiber is a highly conductive material with excellent comprehensive properties and many unparalleled advantages. In addition to its high conductivity, it also has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and light weight. And other characteristics, it is widely used. In conductive plastics, we mainly use its high conductivity to make conductive materials and antistatic materials with various properties, and can significantly enhance the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of plastics

It's an engineering plastic with wear resistance and toughness, good mechanical strength resistance to oil and chemicals, good electrical insulation, heat resistance and fatigue resistance. It is mainly used in stressed structures. component.

The processing of plastic raw materials is mainly the melting, flowing, and cooling of the rubber pellets into finished products. It is a process of heating and then cooling, and also the process of changing plastics from particles to different shapes. The following will explain the processing at different stages. process. 

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black pa66 gf15

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