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nylon 66 pa66 price fibers account for more than 95% of polyamide fibers. Their main properties are as shown in the table. Although their physical properties are different, in general use, their appearance, feel, strength and wear resistance are very close. The plain woven fabric and knitted fabric are also difficult to distinguish, so they can often be replaced with each other, but if considering the cost, nylon6 is more dominant. The shrinkage of nylon6 filament is slightly higher than nylon66, which is more suitable for knitted fabrics. 

Corrosion resistance, very resistant to alkalis and most salt solutions, also resistant to weak acids, motor oils, gasoline, aromatic compounds and general solvents, inert to aromatic compounds, but not strong acids and oxidants Can resist the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weak alkali, etc. and has a good anti-aging ability. It can be used as packaging-materials for lubricating oil and fuel.

It is self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, has good weather resistance, is inert to biological erosion, and has good antibacterial and mildew resistance.

Has excellent electrical properties. Good electrical insulation. nylon66 pa66 price has high volume resistance and high breakdown voltage. In dry environment, it can be used as power frequency insulation-material. It has good electrical insulation even in high humidity environment.

The nylon 66 pa66 price parts are light in weight, easy to dye and easy to form. Because of its low melt viscosity, it can flow quickly. Easy to mold filling, high freezing point after mold filling, can be quickly set, so short molding cycle, high production efficiency

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